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An Australian Owned SME

Building Better Defence


SiNAB is a leading Australian SME supplying products and professional services to the Defence and

Aerospace industries.

We Have The People

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We Have The Right People

We Have The Right People

We Have The Right People

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We Have The

SiNAB's team of industry experts has proven experience in successfully delivering projects into the Defence & Aerospace industries.

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We Have The Capability

SiNAB produces & accesses leading edge technology components, & has an experienced team with specialised capabilities for assembly. 

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We Have The Approach

SiNAB works hard to keep abreast of emerging technologies to deliver high-quality solutions to Government & private sector clients.  

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At SiNAB we pride ourselves on our ability to utilise emerging technologies to provide commercially viable solutions to directly address the challenges of our Government & private sector clients.  

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SiNAB is a leading SME supplying products & professional services to the Defence and Aerospace industries.

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