Air Services

Our own aircraft fitted with hardpoints allows us to conduct research, development and test and evaluation of our innovations in the airborne environment.

Internal/external testing

SiNAB Air establishes a new and exciting aviation capability for our business. Using our own 1967 Cessna O-2A aircraft and trained military and civil pilot, we can conduct internal research and development of our technologies, including development testing and evaluation.

SiNAB Air was established to meet the need for R&D and testing, and evaluation of our Phoenix Pod. Owning and operating our own aircraft provides the most cost-effective and efficient way for us to carry out this type of work. We can also provide support to trials and testing activities for organisations that we collaborate with.

Air Services » aerospace test and evaluation
SiNAB Air Services Services

Our aircraft

Our 1967 Cessna O-2A ‘warbird’ aircraft has an interesting story and the right capabilities.

R&D, testing and evaluation

The capability to test and analyse new technologies, products and equipment.


We collaborate with various academic and industry partners and suppliers to be the best and drive innovation.


Air services aren’t all we offer. Learn about our range of technologies and solutions: