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Industry 4.0

Our investment into industry 4.0 includes:

Research and development (R&D)

Lightweight cellular controllable sensor package

Our SiNAB engineers have developed multiple untethered, deployable, low cost and modular sensor package prototypes for remote wide-area surveillance.

Designed to be compatible with numerous pan-tilt-zoom camera interfaces, the system can be deployed quickly, contains an internal battery that lasts eight hours and can be operated and viewed remotely via multiple communications paths, including IP radios and cellular networks.

An integrated satellite compass removes any need to calibrate or configure the system on set-up. ADS-B and AIS receivers also provide additional awareness of any aircraft and ships in the area.

CCIP Firing solution—HMD integration

The Phoenix JTAC Training System includes a head-mounted display firing solution for BDU-33 free-fall training ordnance. This implements a real-time iterative drag model that considers aircraft dynamics and terrain shape.

This solution has been verified using BDU-33 and Mk-82 drop data obtained by the United States Naval Ordnance Laboratory.

MOSAIC Sensors

Combining disparate sensor types and sharing data between them leads to new capabilities not possible with the sensors alone. For example, the ability to automatically slew optical sensors to view the source of any RF emissions in an area or determine if a detected air vehicle or watercraft is broadcasting civilian identification—and visually verifying that it is what it claims to be.

The Jericho Mosaic Network initiative aims to build on this idea by creating a standard interface for networking sensors and sharing data. We support the Jericho Mosaic Network initiative through the lightweight cellular controllable sensor package, as well as a versatile tablet-based user interface and a prototype RF trilateration system.

Probability map-based aerial target detection and localisation using networked cameras

We work closely with The University of Sydney and have funded multiple projects, including a system for wide-area optical localisation of aircraft and drones. This system uses a pair of low-cost networked staring arrays to detect, localise and track aerial targets.

Aerospace systems design and engineering

We have expertise in designing and analysing complex aerospace systems using a combination of computational and analytical techniques.
Capabilities » sinab capabilities

Safety-critical software engineering

The Phoenix JTAC Training System has been designed and developed to DO-178 safety critical software standards to mitigate against potential operational hazards.

Our staff includes multiple personnel trained in DO-178 and DO-254 safety critical software and hardware engineering.

Computational fluid dynamics and finite element analysis

We’ve invested in the advanced computational analysis and CAD software Solidworks to enhance our R&D and design capabilities.

This product allows us to design and draft 3D models and conduct computational fluid dynamics (CFD) and finite element mechanical analysis (FEA) on products to provide sufficient structural analytical testing data.

This was used on the JTAC Phoenix Pod, where CFD and FEA analysis were conducted to reinforce the strength and aerodynamic sufficiency of the product.

Capabilities » sinab capabilities
Capabilities » sinab capabilities

Rapid prototyping and design

Our advanced computational analysis and CAD software Solidworks allows us to create 3D CAD drawings, which we can send to our Markforged 3D printer to rapidly transition a paper design into a physical model.

Systems integration

We employ engineers from a range of backgrounds who have the capabilities and experience to design and deliver a variety of integrated systems. This breath of knowledge branches across mechanical, aeronautical, electrical and software engineering to provide the foundations that produce innovative solutions to meet the needs of Defence.

Products developed under the Lightweight Sensor Initiative (LWSI) and the Phoenix JTAC training Solution (PJTS) exemplify our ability to integrate off-the-shelf systems and bespoke components to provide significant capability advantages.

Capabilities » sinab capabilities

Secure sovereign ICT development

We have a proven track record in designing, developing and maintaining secure Sovereign cloud ICT applications for use by Department of Defence officials and small-to-medium enterprises operating in the Australian Defence industry.

The secure sovereign cloud solution ensures that all data held in the ICT application is hosted within Australia and is subject only to Australian laws, without the risk of intervention or access by a foreign government or organisation.

Our customers have confidence that their data is accessible in a cloud environment but also safe and secure.

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