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Tony Landers

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Bachelor of Engineering (Electrical and Electronics)

Tony has more than 30 years of experience in management, sales and engineering positions within Australian Defence and aerospace. He’s also a passionate advocate for the industry.

Over the years, he has led the pursuit and capture of multiple large-scale defence systems and support contracts and prides himself on his ability to build and develop successful teams.

Tony is absolutely customer-focused, with a track record of developing and implementing winning business strategies. He’s also skilled in people management and all aspects of leadership.

Tony has intimate knowledge of the Australian Defence organisation and vast experience developing winning responses to ASDEFCON (Australian Standard Defence Contract) based tenders.

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Mark Thoresen (Torro)

General Manager – SiNAB Air

CASA issued commercial pilot licence, Class 1 Medical, 4,500 military and approx. 10,000 total flight hours logged

Our warbird pilot Mark was born with wings. After recreational flying for years while working in banking, he joined the air force at 26 as a pilot. He then became the first Australian FAIPA to go straight to instructing. 

Post Airforce, Mark consulted for 20 years, setting up his own company before returning to piloting. Now at SiNAB, he combines his passion for flying with his military years and management background. 

Mark has decades of experience in Defence and civil aerospace and intimately understands defence procurement processes and defence/government capability development and management. 

Mark’s resume includes roles as a Head of Training and Checking, Special Missions Pilot, RAAF C130 Captain and Qualified Flying Instructor/Examiner and Learjet Check Captain. 

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Tanya Jefferis


Bachelor of Applied Science, Post Grad. Economics, IECL accredited, PROSCI accredited, Cert IV Training, Diploma of WHS, Project Management Institute Accredited

Tanya is a highly qualified public and private sector professional with experience in change management, executive coaching, training, WHS, economics, data analytics, program management, project management and online marketing and brand management. 

She boasts excellent research, problem-solving, management, communication, negotiation and strategy skills.

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Pej Amirnejad

Operations Manager

Master of Business and Marketing

Pej is a driven ops manager with over 15 years of experience in the defence industry and a background in IT and marketing. His expertise spans business admin and project management, achieving results with astute planning, organisation and a solutions-oriented approach.  

A skilled communicator and relationship builder, he’s led several complex, high-value, high-visibility bids and projects in his career.

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Peter Axiotis

Systems Analyst

Bachelor of Engineering (Mechanical) – Honours
Bachelor of Commerce (Finance and Business Analytics)

A driven engineer and systems analyst, Peter has experience in the Australian mining, Aerospace & Defence and resource recovery industries. His roles have spanned technical statistical research, mechanical and systems engineering, executive-level strategy, M&A and financial analysis.

Peter leverages this broad skillset and knowledge base to provide guidance on and deliver projects—and achieve our company goals.

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Dr Darren Lamburn

Systems Engineer

PhD in Aeronautical Engineering
Bachelor of Engineering (Aerospace)

Darren is a passionate and enthusiastic systems engineer. His extensive education and experience in the defence industry have given him a deep understanding of advanced flight systems. He’s applied this knowledge to his flight simulation and training systems work.

Darren’s known for his detail-oriented approach and ability to deliver high-quality results, even in complex and high-pressure environments.

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Dr David Williams

Systems Engineer

PhD in Aeronautical Engineering
Bachelor of Science (BSc)

Engineer David has five years of experience in Defence. Alongside broad engineering and scientific acumen, he has in-depth knowledge of sensor fusion, state estimation, visual processing, feature detection and computational simulation using various techniques.

David’s abilities and thorough approach aid his focus on airborne store certification and flight safety (civilian/defence) certification processes.

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Beat Fawer

Software Engineer

Master of Science (Major in Computer Science)

Beat is a skilled software engineer with extensive experience in R&D and product development teams across various industries. He studied computer science at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zürich/Switzerland, right at the forefront of the computer era.

Beat settled in Australia, gaining most of his experience across multiple programming languages and platforms.

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Our advisory board


Tony Landers


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Rob Oliver

Bringing over 45 years in defence aviation experience and insights to the SiNAB board, Rob provides both tactical and strategic guidance as well as sense checks and a sounding board for SiNAB Management.

He has experience in uniform, as a civilian defence services provider, as a contractor to the defence industry, and as CEO of the local arm of a European aviation company. Rob also has experiencein operations, engineering, logistics, contracting, finance, marketing, HR, WHS and regulatory compliance.

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Andrew Ma

Andrew is the bridge between finance and strategy, partnering with SiNAB on our growth journey to ensure our visionary goals are achieved.

Combining over 18 years of finance and tax advisory experience with a passion for innovation and an attention to detail, Andrew provides financial clarity and rigour to SiNAB’s finance strategy


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