SiNAB secures $215,000 grant to advance innovative bushfire technology 


SiNAB, an SME technology integrator based in Taren Point, NSW has been awarded a $215,000 grant under The Bushfire Commercialisation Fund (BCF), a NSW Government program aimed at accelerating the development and adoption of cutting-edge bushfire technologies. The grant will support the further testing and commercialisation of the SiNAB Phoenix Pod, a revolutionary device designed to provide Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (ISR) capabilities during bushfire emergencies. 

The SiNAB Phoenix Pod is a fully integrated, self-contained imaging sensor and rapid air-to-ground communication system that can be attached to various aircraft. It offers live video and data transfer capabilities to anyone involved in the fire response chain, including firefighters, ground stations, and command centers. With up to five camera sensors, including electro-optic , medium wave infrared, shortwave infrared and telescopic variants, the Phoenix Pod provides real-time intelligence in visual and infrared/heat spectrums. 

“This means that flying 16km away from a fire, our Pod and ISR solution can provide high-definition footage over a wide area that is sent back to those decision makers in the control center and potentially save many lives,” said Tony Landers, CEO of SiNAB. 

Key benefits of the Phoenix Pod in firefighting operations include: 

– Wide-area detection of hotspots for early prevention and intervention 

– Identification of high fire risk areas for better preparedness 

– Rapid fire mapping, enabling efficient tracking and coordinated firefighting efforts 

– Ability to see through smoke, ensuring clear visibility even in adverse conditions 

The Pod employs a range of radio transmitters to send data in real-time, allowing seamless communication between the sensor and ground-based players. The user-friendly mission software, ATAK (Android Team Awareness Kit), facilitates mission coordination, logistics, and mapping, providing firefighters and command centers with vital situational awareness. 

“This grant from the NSW Government’s Bushfire Commercialisation Fund is a significant milestone for us,” said Landers. “With this support, we aim to enhance the technical readiness level of the Phoenix Pod and establish it as a valuable asset for NSW firefighters. Our solution offers state-of-the-art technology, improved situational awareness, and better communication between aircraft and fire crews, ultimately leading to more effective firefighting efforts.” 

SiNAB secures $215,000 grant to advance innovative bushfire technology  »

SiNAB’s Phoenix Pod is a modular and fully self-contained system, allowing easy attachment to a wide range of aircraft with standard 14-inch pylons. It operates independently with its onboard power supply and can be upgraded to accommodate future advancements in technology. 

The benefits of the Phoenix Pod extend beyond firefighting, positioning NSW as a producer of advanced technologies for emergency services. Search and rescue, coastal surveillance, flood mapping and disaster management operators can all benefit from this technology. By investing in this innovative solution, the state promotes environmental preservation through early prevention and intervention, boosts employment opportunities, and strengthens the local supply chain. 

The grant will be utilised to further develop and test the Phoenix Pod, increasing its technical readiness to deploy in the case of a bushfire emergency. 

About SiNAB Pty Ltd: 

SiNAB Pty Ltd is an Australian-owned and operated SME delivering high-end products, services and solutions to meet real-world challenges, specifically in Defence and Aerospace. With a team of experienced engineers and experts, SiNAB are accelerating capability for Australia through technology and innovation. 

For media enquiries, please contact: 

Peter Axiotis, Project Lead and Systems Analyst, SiNAB  

Tel: 0449 227 445 


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