R&D, Testing & Evaluation

The capability to test and analyse new technologies, products and equipment.

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From fitting to flying, we can gauge performance

R&D, testing and evaluation are a critical part of innovation—and our process. Instead of relying on external resources, our in-house aircraft allows us to complete the entire process internally. This includes checking fittings, functionality, compliance and building confidence.

We can also organically support trials and the test and evaluation of equipment that are taken into the air for partners and collaborators. This includes the Air Force, Army and also technology developers/manufacturers who want to test different environments.

R&D, Testing & Evaluation » aerospace testing
R&D, Testing & Evaluation » aerospace testing

Latest Tests + Trials

Our future aim is to provide R&D, testing and evaluation as a full commercial service.

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R&D, Testing & Evaluation » aerospace testing
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