Australian Industry Capability (AIC)

We can help you identify and leverage your capacity to deliver on industry projects.

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Making AIC Part of Your DNA for Bigger Wins

The key to winning government defence contracts lies in your AIC strategy—AIC needs to be part of your DNA. However, the new AIC standard is evolving fast, and it’s becoming increasingly hard for organisations to keep up with the increasing scale of requirements.

We make the process of dealing with primes and subcontractors seamless. Our AIC consultants have proven expertise in helping clients identify and leverage their capabilities to win bigger business in government and defence procurement opportunities.


Australian Industry Capability (AIC) refers to the capacity of Australian companies to provide goods and services for the domestic and international markets, including their ability to compete with overseas companies.

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Our AIC Consulting Expertise

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Australian Standard Defence Contracting (ASDEFCON) is a set of standard contract templates and guidelines for the procurement of goods and services in the Australian defence industry.

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