We work with a wide range of academic and industry partners to drive innovation.

Academic partners

The University of Sydney’s Engineering and Technology Precinct boasts world-class teaching and research labs. We’ve built a good relationship with the faculty and collaborate with them for expertise, postdoctoral research support, internships, and R&D and testing.

Our SiNAB team and partners are working with Australian industry to deliver innovative, strategic and complex solutions to the aerospace and defence industry.

Industry partners

The Office of Defence Industry Support (ODIS) helps small and medium enterprises (SMEs) to engage with Defence, whether they’re entering or expanding their footprint in the industry. We helped them build and deliver the Defence Business Readiness Tool.

Hood Tech Vision is one of the largest manufacturers of stabilised turrets that incorporate electro-optical cameras, infrared imagers, laser markers and designators, and other sensor payloads. They supply the EO/IR sensors used in the PJTS. We’re also authorised HoodTech sellers.
The Defence Innovation Hub invests in innovative technologies that can enhance defence capability and grow the Australian defence industry and innovation sector. We received a contract from them to research and develop our JTAC (CAS) solution.

AUCloud is Australia’s sovereign cloud IaaS provider exclusively focused on government (federal, state and local) and critical national industry communities. We use their AU cloud infrastructure to provide a secure environment for the Defence Business Ready Tool.

Our key suppliers

Located in Missouri, Stauder Technologies helps clients add new components, systems and platforms with a low-cost, out-of-band upgrade. They supply our hardware and software integration.
Nupress Group supplies leading-edge products with the latest technology to mining, building, aerospace, Defence, and medical. They’re the fabricators of the Phoenix Pod’s aluminium shell.

Interested in partnering with us?

Collaboration is part of our DNA here at SiNAB—the more diverse the minds, the greater the solutions. So reach out, and let’s start a conversation about how we can work together.