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An innovative aerial surveillance solution for precision military and civil applications.

High-tech capabilities with zero aircraft modification

Invest in the ability to utilise long-range day-and-night surveillance and live air-to-ground communications. Designed and manufactured by SiNAB, the Phoenix POD uses the best and latest technologies, ensuring high-performance capabilities.

Suitable for both military and civilian applications, including carrying out JTAC Training or search and rescue operations, the Phoenix POD can be easily connected to your existing aircraft with 14″ NATO pylons, meaning zero modifications are required.

Phoenix POD » phoenix pod
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Phoenix POD » phoenix pod

What's included

Phoenix POD » phoenix pod


EO/IR sensor, laser, mission computer and air-to-ground communication.

The Phoenix Pod is the most effective solution for providing JTAC training with Digitally Aided Close Air Support (DACAS). Compared to other sensor solutions the Phoenix Pod offers an advantage in that it is an off-the-shelf integrated sensor and communications module that can be readily deployed without requiring modifications to the aircraft. The Phoenix Pod interfaces with ground based systems (Eg: ATAK) using tactical communications such as Link 16 and VMF. This emulates actual mission systems to ensure the student is combat ready and allows a seamless transition to operational systems.

+ Multiple configurations available
+ 12.7” turret diameter
+ 14” NATO lugs for ease of connection to a range of aircraft
+ Electro-Optical (EO) sensor
+ Medium-wave infrared (MWIR) sensor
+ Short-wave infrared (SWIR) sensor
+ MIL-SPEC mission computer
+ Video downlink (VDL)
+ Common Data Link (CDL) capable
+ Lithium polymer battery or aircraft power
+ Wi-Fi communication to cockpit
+ MANET radio
+ Combat-net radio
+ Link 16
+ Encrypted UHF/VHF Voice and Data
+ Laser pointer
+ Laser designator
+ Laser range finder
+ Supports Manned-Unmanned Teaming (MUM-T) and Future Combat Air Systems (FCAS)

Phoenix POD » phoenix pod


A pilot operated Human Machine Interface (HMI) which emulates the sensor control and weapon-aiming capabilities of Close Air Support Aircraft (CAS) without permanently modifying the aircraft

+ Tablet-based HMI sensor and communications system
+ Tablet-based Digitally Aided CAS System compatible with in-service JTAC equipment
+ Helmet Mounted Sighting Display (HMSD) that presents target information and weapon aiming
solutions to the pilot/sensor operator
+ Standalone Stores Management Panel (SMP)

Phoenix POD » phoenix pod


+ Enables operation from the ground (UAS mode)
+ Real-time instructor monitoring of the training exercise
+ Record and replay functionality for the debriefing of the JTAC student exercises
+ A Live Virtual Constructive (LVC) gateway to other training assets

The Phoenix POD is designed and manufactured here in Australia.

Phoenix POD » phoenix pod
Phoenix POD » phoenix pod


Phoenix POD » phoenix pod

Potential Applications

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Phoenix POD » phoenix pod



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Hood Tech Vision is one of the largest manufacturers of stabilised turrets that incorporate electro-optical cameras, infrared imagers, laser markers and designators, and many other sensor payloads.

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Phoenix POD » phoenix pod


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