SiNAB Phoenix rises from defence innovation grant

SiNAB team of Peter Axiotis

Australian owned and operated defence business, SiNAB, will be showcasing local innovation and ingenuity at AVALON 2023, Australia’s International Airshow, with their Phoenix Pod on display both virtually and on the ground.  

The SiNAB Phoenix Pod is a self-contained intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR)
asset that incorporates a high resolution EO/IR sensor, laser pointer and designator and multiple air to ground communication systems including Secure Voice and Data (CNR/VMF), Link16, Video Down Link (VDL) and Mobile ad hoc network (MANET).

Delegates can view the Phoenix Pod attached to the SiNAB O2-A test and evaluation aircraft at the event. They can also see the inherent flexibility of the system as it is fitted to a variety of military and civil aircraft via the SiNAB Virtual Hangar experience. 

SiNAB CEO Tony Landers says the Phoenix Pod technology was developed with the support of the
Defence Innovation Hub and the RAAF and enables training aircraft to emulate the long-range target location and Close Air Support (CAS) capabilities of more expensive military aircraft.   
“We built a system that enables low-cost aircraft to deliver training to Joint Terminal Attack Controllers (JTAC) using our Phoenix Pod. The Pod can be fitted to different aircraft with little or no integration. It has self-contained battery power and is operated via a tablet HMI that connects wirelessly to the pod. It enables low-cost airborne assets to interoperate with current and emerging DACAS systems.” 
“Support from the Defence Innovation Hub has allowed us to evolve the system from prototype
through to operational test and evaluation. We now have a system that can be used in support of Australian and international JTAC Training.”
“The Phoenix Pod has been flown on Learjets, PC-9’s and our Cessna O-2A Test and Evaluation aircraft. Versality is the strength of the Pod – it can be fitted to any type of aircraft that has stores pylons fitted, which allows for a range of contract CAS solutions in support of military training without using valuable hours from operational military aircraft.”  
The SiNAB Phoenix Pod has been showcased locally and internationally at the Farnborough
International Airshow, Eurosatory, IndoPacific, SafeSkies, World Defence Show and the Hunter
Defence Conference but AVALON 2023 is the first chance for delegates to have a hands-on
operational experience.

“AVALON 2023 attracts leaders in aerospace, aviation, space, defence industry, military and
government from around the world, and this is the perfect opportunity to showcase defence uses as well as applications for emergency services.” 
“The Phoenix Pod can be used for any service where aerial surveillance is critical for decision-
making. Natural disaster response from bushfires to search and rescue are examples that spring to mind where the Phoenix Pod could be rapidly mobilised to provide instant data where it is most needed.

About the Phoenix Pod

This system contains 5 electro-optic and infrared cameras and is electrically isolated from the aircraft. It attaches via standard NATO pylons, allowing the pod to turn the most basic aircraft into an advanced ISR and close air support system.  
The Phoenix Pod is a core component of SiNAB’s Phoenix JTAC Training Solution (PJTS) which has
been developed to help the Australian Defence Force meet the JTAC training obligations set out in the JTAC Memorandum of Agreement. The PJTS provides all the functionality required to carry out a digitally aided close air support mission, from transmitting 9-lines and target sorting messages to providing a complete suite of long-range electro-optic and infrared cameras that facilitate the F2T2EA kill chain.

SiNAB at Avalon

External Display Studio – West Expo Walk EW6 

  • See the 1967 O-2A Cessna aircraft with operational pod and other stores attached 
  • See a live transmission from the POD on a screen inside the display studio 
  • Experience the Helmet-Mounted Display which demonstrates a training weapon HUD targeting
  • solution for aircraft without a native aiming system via a Continuously Computed Impact Point presented to the pilot 
  • Meet the SiNAB team 
  • Meet Hoodtech and see a range of their products including O6EO/IR, MWIR3.6, AC14 sensors 
  • See an animation video developed to showcase the application of the Phoenix JTAC Training 

Investment NSW Stand: Exhibition Hall 2 – Site 2M8
Interact with the Phoenix Pod inside SiNAB’s virtual hangar. View the pod attached to various aircraft. Learn more about the Phoenix Pod’s capabilities and modules.

Speaking at the Applications Technology Sessions and Australian International Aerospace Congress – speaker Tony Landers, CEO  

Participating in the Avalon Airshow Innovation Pitchfest – SiNAB will present a 3-minute pitch on
the PJTS innovations – Speaker, Peter Axiotis, Systems Analyst

Pictured above: SiNAB team of Peter Axiotis, Tony Landers (CEO), Dr. Darren Lamburn, Mark Thoresen, Dr. David Williams (L to R) at the SiNAB hanger


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